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Data Pipeline Deployement

This project holds the config and other files required to allow a deployment of the OpenAIS system onto a Linux system.

Big’ol Block Diagram

This deployment pulls prebuilt containers from the Gitlab project repository, configures them using an environment variable file and more specific config files. The docker-compose file allows the deployment of

  • an AIS preprocessing chain:
    • AIS-i-Mov: an AIS parser
    • AIS Decoder: converts NMEA encoded AIS into a decoded JSON object. 2x of these are deployed to handle scaling issues
    • DB Inserter: Inserts JSON messages into the database
  • Database: PostgreSQL+PostGIS+TimescaleDB database
  • FrontEnd:
    • PG-FeatureServ: OGC compliant API service
    • Dashboard: Python generated dummy dashboard. Not really the best but it’s something…
  • Management:
    • PGAdmin: SQL and DB admin tool.
    • Portainer: Container management tool.


The following is required for this deployment to work:

  • Server with Linux operating system with
  • Docker and
  • Docker Compose installed

Getting started

To get the project running do the following:

  • Pull/clone this repo to your target machine
  • Copy and edit the ./sample_config/sample.env file to .env
  • Copy and edit the files in ./sample_config/* to /config/*
  • docker-compose pull (to get the latest version of the containers)
  • docker-compose up -d

NOTE: Currently the DB that is deployed in the project doesn’t have any AIS tables or functions. These need to be created as an additional step after deployement.