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Data Services

This is the Docker Stack that is responsible for storing and transmitting AIS data. This includes


An example configuration file is available at ./config/example.env. This file must be copied to .env and edited to reflect your local environment. This is then used to deploy the docker-compose file via the command line, or preferably, Portainer.

The config variables are:

  • Image TAG : These are the image tags associated to the docker images used in the docker-compose file.
  • Default User/Password credentials: These are the initial credentials that are used to access the services.
  • DB Host details: Ports, DNS names etc. As well as the database to be created.
  • TRAEFIK Hostname: The suffix of the URL to use to reach the services.


On Portainer navigate to Stacks>Add Stack:

  • Give it a name
  • Select “Repository” as build method
  • Input “" as the repository URL
  • Add Environment variables, either one by one or from a file that you’ve already edited to represent your deployment environment.
  • Deploy the stack

If using Docker Compose as the deployment method do the following:

git clone
cd ./data-services
cp ./config/example.env .env
<edit the env file>
docker-compose up -d